Natasha Walton

"Pleasantly surprised that the spray doesn't make my hair greasy, so i can use it before work no bother. Also easy enough to fingers crossed for all us testers "

Victoria Tierney

"I have now tried it twice and I can honestly say, it really is good. I use the shampoo, conditioner and thickening spray and I was sceptical at first because I’ve tried everything. So thank you Roots!"

Deborah Hinckesman

"I have super fine hair and have almost tried everything...but I have been using this for about a month and I can literally see the difference ... I don’t work for roots either!"

Sara Louise Hill

"After 5 plus weeks of using just the spray (only using 4 times a week) I have much less hair falling out after showering and during the day 👍 can't comment on the growth as I had it cut"

Colette Heenan

"Hi Sarah I have thin hair and I’ve tried everything in the market!! I’m 3 weeks into using double roots & the difference it has made is amazing!!! I have a thick pony tail lol... honestly I would recommend this product to anyone xx"

Ina Jacobs

“I am 60 and feel my hair is the best it has been”

Ruth Gault

“I started using this as soon as it came out. I have to admit I love it”

Viv Redmond

"This shampoo and conditioner is brilliant!! I have very fine hair and it works wonders on my hair!"

Anne Nish

"This stuff is brilliant !!"

Huma Shirazi

"I have been using this for a month and not even on regular basis (wash my hair twice or 3 times a week ) have seen a difference 😊 not loosing my hair the way I use..."

Kim Hale

"Have used this 3 times now - dandruff shampoo and conditioner - I have very thick hair but it's frizzy and dry - changed texture as it's gone grey. I also colour it. I am very pleased with the results, my hair feels smooth and shiny and much better condition than I've been getting with other, more expensive shampoos and conditioners."

Lyn Belcher

"I have been the shampoo and intensive spray for a month now. My hair has improved and […] condition and have noticed that there is less breakage and hair in my brush after washing. I like this product and will continue to use it as I think it’s helping."

Janie Hollis-Clark

"I’m pleased with this product. My hair is very thin, frizzy and patchy, and after two weeks of using the shampoo, conditioner and spray, there is already a noticeable improvement. I shall be interested to see if it continues!"

Nancy Wright

"I've reviewed this shampoo a few times now, I'm 51, my hair was literally coming out in handfuls. Texture was dry and brittle and kept breaking so much I didn't want to touch it. I noticed a remarkable improvement in loss and texture within 4 days, and 7 weeks in I'm more than happy."

Karen Whitby

"Brilliant stuff , I have long highlighted hair , since my first application my hair has been softer , and shinier ,, I’m into 3 weeks of using this , I will be sticking to this shampoo , and conditioner , I use the intense spray as well"

Clare Bear

" Love this product my hair is so healthy looking […] I have noticed less hair loss when showering and brushing and my hair dresser has commented […]! Which is a first after my two children. I apply the shampoo twice as I feel I get a good lather up on the second application! I love the conditioner which doesn't weigh down my hair and the intensive spray is fab! Definitely recommend this product! 💆🏻 👌🏻 👏🏻 "

Deborah Mugglestone

“I’m loving this product my hair is growing in places it hasn’t for yrs”

Jayne Marie Packingham

"I've have used this for two months now and wow wow just wow my hair is thicker smother and feel amazing I would defo recommend this ladies 👌👌"

Jayne Marie Packingham

“This stuff is amazing been using it for over a month and the results are excellent”

Bunny Bailey

"Absolutely love this stuff!! I have bright red hair for which I bleach the roots, the extreme clean shampoo and the conditioner are the best sfs and paraben free products I've ever used and I've tried a few over the years (had the same colour for 10 years), the fact it's cruelty free and vegan are a massive bonus!"

Tracy Martin

"After a serious car accident I found that my hair was falling out I'm not talking about a small amount of hair loss this was major hair loss to the point I was blocking the shower with my hair, […] I was trying everything to help reduce the amount I was losing on a daily basis, from vitamins to expensive shampoos and treatments.when I saw this advert for "roots" I just thought well I'll give it a try and I can honestly say it is WORKING I actually cannot believe it id given up on anything working its transforming my hair bit by bit everyday it's amazing so glad I tried it!"

Judy Manson

"I have been using the shampoo about once a week and the intense spray daily. I started at the beginning of Oct and decided to give it at least until Xmas before deciding if I could see a difference. Well, the difference is incredible! I am so pleased. […]. My hair looked as if it had really short layers in it that caused a horrible kink in my hair. Now though, the kink has grown out and the roots are fuller and not breaking. I am delighted!"

Nicola Bowens

"I have fine scraggly fine hair thats snaps and tangles easy! and have spent lots of money on different product's in the past even hair vitamins etc i have been using roots for 2 weeks washing it everyday and the using the spray too! I can honestly say i can feel a difference in the hair texture it feels less tangley and easier to brush after washing […] Also when most people say they have fine hair its never as fine as mine!"

Michelle Godfrey

“I bought this on the weekend. I've washed my hair a couple times and I love the consistency of this product, it's really light and makes my hair feel very soft, and makes it blow-dry / straighten well. I'm not sure how they've achieved this as all other non-sulphate shampoos I've tried are very heavy and leave a residue. I've used the spray daily and I'm looking forward to seeing improvements. I've seen some comments regarding the spray making people's hair greasy.. I really hope the formula doesn't change as I didn't find this was true for my coarse hair, it was all good! At least Keep this formula for coarse haired people please!! Will leave another review in a month or so."

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