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As a team Roots Double Effect® takes pride in being the first brand to solve all your hair issues in one carefully curated product. Read our story...


After months of investigation, the Roots Double Effect® team found out a shocking reality

... Over 65%* of all hair loss product users are unhappy with the available treatments. The reason? Products that don’t deliver, harsh ingredients that cause irritation, overly priced treatments and empty promises... So we went on a quest to find the latest technology in hair strengthening products, looking into naturally-derived ingredients. That’s how we came into Procapil®.

We took this active ingredient and paired it with a sumptuous texture and a natural tea tree scent. The result? An effective, affordable and easy to use portfolio of products targeting each hair necessity.

Because we each have different needs, Roots™ addresses two hair issues in one product. Do you suffer from dandruff? Have oily hair? A sensitive scalp that gets easily irritated? Now you won’t have to choose between gorgeous, strong and voluminous hair and a healthy scalp. Get instant beautiful hair while Roots works on your hair health.

Want to make those locks grow quicker? Try our Intensive Treatment Spray. With the highest concentration of Procapil® at 3%, it boosts hair growth with every application. Spray it directly into your scalp twice per day and just wait for the results.

Wait thats not even the best part... Roots Double Effect® Intensive Spray won’t mess with your hairdo so you can style it as you like. Give back to your Roots.

Note: Internal survey with 300 cases of hair loss treatment users.

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Roots Double Effect®

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