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Your complete guide to Winter hair care

Some of us count down the days until we can go outside again without a million layers on, while some of us thrive in the crisp winter air and look good in beanies.
Our hair doesn’t have the same luxury of opinion, and is affected by the seasons in different ways.

What happens to our hair in winter?

Winter means a drop in temperature and a lack of humidity. Cold air and less moisture tends to dry out our hair leaving it brittle, dull, and uh...dry.
Brittle hair often causes breakage, frizziness and split ends. Dryness can irritate the scalp too, leading to flakiness, sensitivity and dandruff.

Soothe the scalp

During the colder months, the scalp is begging for some TLC!
You can probably get away with washing your hair less in winter as it most likely doesn't get oily as quickly. This is a good way to minimise irritation. When you do wash your hair use a gentle shampoo that’s suitable for sensitive scalps.
Constantly being in artificially heated offices and homes creates an ideal breeding ground for the fungus that causes dandruff (gross, we know). To do away with unsightly flakes use anti-dandruff products, and be confident the only snow is on the ground outside and not on your shoulders.

Lock in moisture

Hydration is key in winter. Up the ante with a weekly treatment to fortify and nourish your hair—the longer you use a hair conditioning mask, the better it will work. Try sleeping with it in before rinsing in the morning.
Thinking of mixing up your hairstyle? Opt to go for a darker colour. Winter is a bad time to reach for the bleach, as it will further draw moisture from the hair. Remember, you can always get bangs ( just don’t cut them yourself ).

Turn down the heat

No, not the thermostat! Just for your hair. Turn the water temperature down a bit when you’re in the shower, as boiling hot water is not kind to your locks. Wash your hair less often, keep the dryer to a cooler setting and avoid heat styling as often as you can.
With one exception.
Heading outside? Be sure to dry your hair first. Going out with wet hair exposes it to very cold conditions when your hair is most susceptible to damage. When blow-drying, use a wide tooth comb and always, always use a heat protection spray.

Tame the frizz

During winter your hair will experience increased static due to the lack of moisture in the air, and what does static lead to? You guessed it, frizz.
Try styling your hair in a plait or similar to protect it and keep the frizz to a minimum, especially overnight. Similarly, wear beanies and scarves to shield your hair when you’re outside.
Split ends only add to the frizzy appearance, so aim to get a trim more often in winter. Combine this with a conditioner specifically formulated to give you silky locks.
Now that you’re armed with all the tips to care for your mane, go out and enjoy the elements, or stay inside and hibernate. Either way, take a look at our full hair care range and protect your hair this winter.
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