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What causes hair loss?

So much of the stress of hair loss comes not just from trying to prevent it, but figuring out why it’s happening in the first place. Hair loss can occur with no warning, so it’s understandable that you’d want to know what’s going on.

While we’re experts at helping to prevent hair loss with our scientifically formulated hair products, only a medical expert can say for sure what’s causing your hair loss. Hair loss can be a result of ageing or even a medical condition, and sometimes all you can do is enlist the help of great hair products to reduce loss as much as possible.

However, there are many common causes of hair loss that aren’t related to illness or age that may be totally in your control. Could any of these apply to you?


Stress can take a massive toll on the body. Some people experience fatigue, weight issues and breakouts on their skin. Others are unfortunate enough to see their stress manifest as hair loss.

Given its impact on your overall health, it’s a good idea to take steps to reduce stress in your life— or at the very least, how you handle it. Make a habit of investing in regular self-care. Relax and pamper yourself once a week— that means lighting some candles, putting in a nourishing hair mask and reading a magazine. You might be surprised how much this can help to reduce your stress response and, in turn, physical symptoms of stress.


Your body requires certain nutrients to grow and repair itself, and this includes your hair. Protein, fat, collagen and other nutrients are essential for strong, healthy hair, so being deficient in any of these things may cause hair loss or weak hair.

Hair loss can also be caused by hormonal imbalances and even drastic weight loss. This is why it’s so important to pair an amazing hair care routine with a diet filled with nutrient-dense, whole foods to make you beautiful both inside and out!


Sadly, that pregnant glow doesn’t always apply to your hair. Some women experience hair loss during pregnancy, but this mostly occurs post-partum.

40-50% of women suffer hair loss in the months immediately following pregnancy. Thankfully, this is only a temporary condition. But that doesn’t mean you can’t try to prevent it— a new mother has enough things to think about! Make the switch to haircare designed to prevent hair loss and encourage healthier, stronger-looking hair.


Your hair is fragile and susceptible to damage from many of the things it comes into contact with on a daily basis. This includes chemical treatments (such as dye or chemical relaxers), heat styling tools, exposure to the sun, saltwater and even hair ties.

These things can damage your hair by causing it to either break or fall out at the roots. The best plan of attack against damage-related hair loss is to both prevent and repair damage.

Make sure you’re protecting your hair by minimising your use of heat tools and using heat protect spray. Wear a hat on sunny days, and make sure you rinse your hair after going for an ocean swim to prevent the salt from drying it out and weakening it. And if you’re still using hair elastics, make the switch to clips, scrunchies or spiral hair ties to stop your hair from getting ripped out whenever you put it up.

And if your hair's already a little fried, broken or otherwise thinning from damage, give it some extra TLC with regular treatments!

Have any more questions about how to prevent or treat damaged hair? Reach out to the Roots Double Effect team today and get advice from the hair loss prevention experts!

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