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Top hair colour trends of 2019

Considering taking the plunge and changing up your hair colour? Let’s take a look at the best hair colour trends of this year, and maybe you’ll be inspired!

Dirty brunette

Christina Aguilera started the dirty blonde trend back in the early 2000s, and like crotchless pants, this trend has been reinvented. Except now it’s dirty brunette.

A natural-looking brunette colour that incorporates dark blonde pieces. It’s a neutral, smoky vibe and we are all about it. We especially love this look with long locks, if you’re trying to grow your hair long.

Faded pastel/ pastel balayage

Balayage has been in forever and will continue to be because it’s timeless. But now imagine it with faded pastels.

Kylie Jenner and Ruby Rose started the vibrant pastel hair colour trend, but thankfully there’s now a more subtle way of wearing it. A faded pastel balayage is less of a commitment, and like all balayage still looks good as it grows out. And there are steps you can take for lasting colour.

Shadow Roots

Dimension is everything. More and more we see people avoiding monotone flat colours and aiming for more depth of colour. We know about highlights and balayage, but that’s not the only way to create depth.

Creating shadow roots uses the colouring process of adding natural darker pieces to create shadow within your hair. Darker tones at the roots accompanied by baby highlights define this multi-dimensional, seamless colour trend. Plus as you might have guessed, this style requires minimal retouching. Win!

Living coral

Pantone dubbed Living Coral the colour of 2019. So obviously it’s also a major hair colour trend this year. It’s vibrant, yet mellow and embodies joyful expression. Just be sure to use a shampoo that protects and prolongs this vivid colour.

The best bit? It’s a shade that works for all skin tones. It contrasts with blue and green eyes making them pop, and it brings out the warmth in brown eyes. Being a lighter shade, it works best on lighter hair colours. Or bleached hair that’s been taken care of

Pearl Grey

A difficult trend for brunettes, but for blondes and the naturally grey-haired among us, this is a stunning look.

Grey is elevated by an almost metallic, pearl sheen. Combining this with shadow roots means a darker grey at the base moving into a lighter, luminescent grey—a stunning look, especially for shorter hair. Remember to keep the pearl grey at its best with a purple shampoo and conditioner.

 Cold Brew Hair

Just like your coffee order, this look is totally customisable.

Warm brown cold brew coffee, a splash of milk and ice is the inspiration for this colouring technique. It’s a marriage of warm and cool—ash and creamy blonde swirled in deep brown hues.

Added bonus: it grows out super well. Once dyed, just focus on getting longer and stronger hair.

Changing up your hair colour can be a really fun way to experiment with your look and express yourself. No matter what trend you go for, to be most effective you want to work with hair that is healthy, long and strong. 

Roots Double Effect has the products you need to get your hair in prime condition to take on the next trend.

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