The Most Important Thing You Can Do to Prevent Hair Loss (And it's Completely Free!)

Does the hair you leave in the drain after a shower look like it could come alive? In the morning, does your pillow look like it’s wearing a wig? Are there patches missing from your scalp?

These are all signs of hair loss! Though it’s alarming to see hundreds of hairs escaping your head even with a solid a hair care routine, rest assured for many cases, there’s one significant factor affecting your hair loss. And it’s something you can tackle.

So what’s the one free change you can make to prevent hair loss?

Reduce Stress.

There can be a number of reasons for hair loss, but the link between stress and shedding is undeniable, and treatable.

Whether it’s tight work deadlines or a significant event in your personal life, stress can filter in for a number of reasons. Ironically, even stressing about losing your hair can lead to more shedding.

An important point to make is that when we are stressed, we also tend to not care for ourselves properly. We might skip meals, or eat foods that are quick and comforting over maintaining a healthy diet. Our diet has far-reaching effects when it comes to our health, so it’s no surprise that compounding stress with a poor diet can lead to hair loss.

But why does it affect my hair?

Stress actually pushes hair follicles into a “resting” phase, which means rather than each follicle going through their own regular phases of growth and rest, many follicles are forced into the resting phase at the same time. Then about three months later, they all fall out.

Think back to three months ago. Were you going through some major emotional turmoil?

The upside of this is the reassurance that it is temporary, and should return to normal on its own. That said, there are things you can do to help prevent it, and take care of your hair.

What can I do about it?

Lots of things! First, try to determine what’s stressing you out and alleviate it as best you can. Additionally, here are some practical steps you can take:

● Learn meditation and yoga. Doing exercises like these every day has long-term benefits for your body and mind.

● Remember to practice self care, like taking a moment to have a bath and do a hair mask.

● Regular exercise keeps your body fit and your mind clear.

● Never underestimate the power of a healthy diet.

Protect your hair when styling and washing to minimise breakage and pulling.

● Take your hair tie out before bed! Sleeping with your hair in a bun can pull your strands and cause them to fall out.

● Invest in targeted products to achieve thicker and more manageable hair.

The best you can do is reduce stress in your life, take time for yourself, and make the effort to treat your hair well. Check out how Roots has helped others get their hair back in shape, and how you can, too!

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