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How to figure out what your hair needs

We all know our hair needs shampoo and conditioner, but what kind? If you want every day to be your best hair day then it’s important you treat it right. This means using the right products for what your hair needs.

But what if you’re confused over what exactly your hair is asking for? No worries— we’re here to help!

Oily hair

Signs you have oily hair:

● Your hair looks or feels damp around the roots
● Your hair feels dirty again just one or two days after washing it
● Pimples around the hairline or wherever your hair touches your face

Some people have naturally oily hair, while some people cause their scalp to become oily by either overwashing it or incorrectly applying conditioner. When you wash your hair too often, your hair becomes stripped of its natural oils, so it produces more to overcompensate. And when you apply a moisturising product such as conditioner to your scalp (rather than mid-lengths and ends), your scalp is unable to handle the extra oils.

Whatever’s causing your oily hair, you need a shampoo that can deeply cleanse your scalp. Don’t skimp on the conditioner, either— choose a nourishing option but only apply to the end of your hair.

Dry or damaged hair

Signs you have dry or damaged hair:

● Frizziness
● Coarse texture Breakage
● Split ends
● Hair takes a long time to dry after being washed
● Hair strands feel stretchy when wet

If your hair’s been looking a little worse for wear, chances are it’s either dry or damaged (or an unfortunate combination of both). You might have naturally dry hair, or maybe your hair has been damaged by salt water, heat tools and chemical processes that have left it weak.

Tackle dry or damaged hair with both daily and weekly treatments. Apply a leave-in treatment every day to fortify your hair. When you wash your hair, always use a conditioner to either moisturise or repair.

Finally, give your hair some much-needed TLC with a weekly hair mask. With this routine you’ll be able to bring life back to your dry or damaged hair.

Coloured hair

It’s essential that you use a shampoo and conditioner specially formulated for coloured hair. This will not only repair any damage done by the chemical processing, but prevent your colour from fading too fast. That means you won’t have to head back to the salon for a touch up sooner than needed!

It’s also a good idea to give your hair some extra nourishment with a daily leave-in treatment. This will help to nourish hair to keep your colour looking amazing.

Thin or thinning hair

Signs your hair is thinning:

● Lots of hair clogging up your shower drain
● Extra hair collecting on your hairbrush
● Thin patches of hair on your scalp

Hair loss can be caused by so many things, from stress and diet to medical conditions and even pregnancy. You don’t need to be experiencing hair loss to want more volume, either. You might also have naturally thin hair. Or maybe your hair just isn’t living up to your voluminous expectations.

Whatever the case may be, you can still see amazing results not just by switching to a shampoo and conditioner designed to encourage healthier, stronger-looking hair, but adding in a specialty treatment. Apply to your roots twice a day and massage in— simple!

Sensitive scalp

Signs you have a sensitive scalp:

● Your scalp feels itchy or painful, especially after using certain products
● Redness
● Dandruff

Does your scalp react badly to everything you put on it? Chances are your body doesn’t take well to nasty chemical ingredients that no one should be putting on their skin or head!

If that’s the case, it’s important to look for a gentle shampoo and conditioner specially designed for sensitive skin. The best part about these products is they’re gentle and effective enough to be used by anyone, no matter what your hair type.

Do you have more questions about which products are ideal for your hair needs? Reach out to the experts at Roots Double Effect and we’ll be happy to help you out.

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